A new start

Today I start two projects that have been on my working table for some weeks: this blog and a long-term hand-made quilt. For the blog, it is going to be a work in progress as I explore the (multiple) options of the platform and I get comfortable with it.

On the other project, and for now on, of what this blog is mostly about: patchwork. I’ve been wanting to do some big quilt by hand for a long time, but I was unsure about the pattern until I found the right fabric. That it would be English Paper Pieced was out of question (I should edit: I’ve been wanting to do some big EPP quilt for a long time); and the 6-point star pattern was the natural choice for me. The fabrics: L’s modern basics from Lecien for the printed stars and Bella Solids (White Bleached) from Moda.


So here I start: if my maths are Ok, from two pre-cut rolls I should be able to get 168 stars, which make a total of 2016 paper templates. I have bought a little pack of them, just to give it a try, but for the most part I am hoarding every cardboard-box I have to cut out my own templates. I still have to find which of them will work better for me!


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