Stars-quilt weekly stats – and a though on starching fabric-.


This week’s numbers for the Stars-quilt are:

Stars basted: 47/168 (276/1008 templates)
Stars sewn: 0 /168
Background pieces basted: 0/?
Stars completed: 0

I am tempted to start cutting the white background; perhaps I should mix the prints with the white so it doesn’t get dull afterwards (at least, I will have 504 pieces of background to baste!). The more I advance, the more I’m getting sure of giving each star a background… My only fear is that at the end the quilt size could turn out to be unmanageable!

On another subject, I have started to starch the fabric before cutting. I have never used starch before, and it does really make a difference! Not only I get rid of the middle crease in the jelly roll strips (yes!), but also I can manipulate the fabric more easily around the templates. I should give it a try on a machine-sewn project. There are lots of quilters and tutorials out there that strongly recommend to starch fabric before each project. I start to understand why…


Baby blanket -tumbler pattern-


This is one of the two blankets I sewed as gifts for a friend. It is the first quilt I have made without following a given pattern from a third party. I already had the backing – a piece of polar fleece that was the perfect size for a baby quilt-, so whatever pattern I’d choose I was to adapt it to its size.


I fell in love with the fabrics as soon as I saw them in the shop. They demanded a pattern to showcase the big prints, and I wanted something simple -as it was for a child-. I think the tumbler pattern ticks all the boxes: it’s simple but not as it would a square pattern, showcases the fabrics and looks fun and dynamic. I did not have a tumbler ruler, so I draw my own template on cardboard, adjusting it to the dimensions I needed to make the most of the backing. Pros of working with self-made templates: you can adjust them to your needs. Cons: you can not use the rotary cutter with them, so an extra step in drawing them to the fabric is required.

Project: Child blanket.
Size: 43″ x 33 ¼”
Date: September, 2015 – October, 2015
Pattern: tumbler pattern (self-made template 6 ½”)
Top fabric: Just Dreamy 2, by Zoe Pearn for My Mind’s Eye, Riley Blake Designs
Backing fabric: polar fleece
Batting: none.
Quilting: none.


I will make a different post for the other blanket, so I can document each project properly!

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Stars-quilt weekly stats


Autumn is definitively in its highest… Lots of fog, clouds and a shy Sun that can’t make its way through them. It is (almost) impossible to get good light for photo shooting! On the other hand, the gloomy weather is the perfect excuse to spend time basting templates sitting on the sofa.

So, this far, I have:

Stars basted: 35/168 (210/1008 templates)
Stars sewn: 0 /168
Background pieces basted: 0/?
Stars completed: 0

The “container” is a former puzzle box. It is perfect for the job; it keeps all I need for basting at hand but I can easily store it away when I’m not working on it. I love how the basted templates look in it!

Stars-quilt weekly stats

Some more progress on the Stars-quilt! This week the numbers are:

Stars basted: 20/168 (122/1008 templates)

Stars sewn: 0 /168

Background pieces basted: 0/?

Stars completed: 0

It continues to seem silly to write those down… however, the truth is that it seems to me that I have done a lot on it!!

Stars-quilt progress

10_10_15_1The EPP-Stars project is growing steadily: it’s really nice to have a project on which you can spend five minutes here, five minutes there, and in the end you do not know really how but it is making progress! Specially taking into account that my main focus is on the two blankets I’ve to finish… and which I must say are progressing and should be finished by the end of the weekend.

I thought that to keep motivation and record progress, I’m going to make a weekly stats of the quilt… Now it seems ridiculous, as I’m only basting fabric… and have made only a tiny part of that step… but it’s also part of the process, so here I am for the moment:

Stars basted: 9/168 (58/1008 templates)

Stars sewn: 0 /168

Background pieces basted: 0/?*

Stars completed: 0

* I’m still not sure about the final layout: if I will opt to add background pieces to all the stars or only to half of them. I should decide on it once I have the stars sewn together and see how big the quilt ends and how busy it looks…

So, for the moment, only basted templates to show. The design board is made following Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet tutorial (find it here). It’s such a great idea! I have already made two of them, and in my to-do list more are scheduled as I use them a lot -you can tell by the threads stuck to it-!

Ongoing projects… and the need for focus!


It looks like a perfect day to spend some time in the sewing room! The Sun is shining bright and warm through the window – and I’m going to make the most of it before the winter arrives! I already have a list of ongoing projects (yes! WIPs!), and some more luring me to start them (which would be completely inadvisable, but we all know how this normally ends), and I hope this blog helps me to stay focused…

Right now, my attention should be on two blankets I have to have finished in two weeks – because they are intended gifts for a friend-. One of them is almost finished, but the other one… I’m having trouble to find the perfect pattern for it. The problem is that I already have the backing (two pieces of minky), so I have to adjust the top to the backing dimensions… Lots of drawing and maths are along these two for the moment…

And in the middle I’m working on my paper-pieced stars project. It’s so addicting! I spent a whole TV night sitting on the sofa basting fabric to the templates. So far, I’ve almost four stars ready to be sewn together… and more already cut to be basted… I need another TV night to have an excuse to work on them! I really enjoy the smoothness and perfection that comes with paper-piecing. I have barely started my first project and my mind is spinning with new ideas… (focus, I need focus!)


Isn’t this star cute? I love the movement the print gives to it! The light for the photo is not the best, but it is in fact the natural light I have in the sewing room… But I wanted to show it as it is, bright, strong and warm, a truly Autumn-is-starting-to-fade-away-so-make-the-most-of-it light. I should also seek for an Autumn-inspired project, now that I think of it…