Ongoing projects… and the need for focus!


It looks like a perfect day to spend some time in the sewing room! The Sun is shining bright and warm through the window – and I’m going to make the most of it before the winter arrives! I already have a list of ongoing projects (yes! WIPs!), and some more luring me to start them (which would be completely inadvisable, but we all know how this normally ends), and I hope this blog helps me to stay focused…

Right now, my attention should be on two blankets I have to have finished in two weeks – because they are intended gifts for a friend-. One of them is almost finished, but the other one… I’m having trouble to find the perfect pattern for it. The problem is that I already have the backing (two pieces of minky), so I have to adjust the top to the backing dimensions… Lots of drawing and maths are along these two for the moment…

And in the middle I’m working on my paper-pieced stars project. It’s so addicting! I spent a whole TV night sitting on the sofa basting fabric to the templates. So far, I’ve almost four stars ready to be sewn together… and more already cut to be basted… I need another TV night to have an excuse to work on them! I really enjoy the smoothness and perfection that comes with paper-piecing. I have barely started my first project and my mind is spinning with new ideas… (focus, I need focus!)


Isn’t this star cute? I love the movement the print gives to it! The light for the photo is not the best, but it is in fact the natural light I have in the sewing room… But I wanted to show it as it is, bright, strong and warm, a truly Autumn-is-starting-to-fade-away-so-make-the-most-of-it light. I should also seek for an Autumn-inspired project, now that I think of it…


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