Stars-quilt progress

10_10_15_1The EPP-Stars project is growing steadily: it’s really nice to have a project on which you can spend five minutes here, five minutes there, and in the end you do not know really how but it is making progress! Specially taking into account that my main focus is on the two blankets I’ve to finish… and which I must say are progressing and should be finished by the end of the weekend.

I thought that to keep motivation and record progress, I’m going to make a weekly stats of the quilt… Now it seems ridiculous, as I’m only basting fabric… and have made only a tiny part of that step… but it’s also part of the process, so here I am for the moment:

Stars basted: 9/168 (58/1008 templates)

Stars sewn: 0 /168

Background pieces basted: 0/?*

Stars completed: 0

* I’m still not sure about the final layout: if I will opt to add background pieces to all the stars or only to half of them. I should decide on it once I have the stars sewn together and see how big the quilt ends and how busy it looks…

So, for the moment, only basted templates to show. The design board is made following Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet tutorial (find it here). It’s such a great idea! I have already made two of them, and in my to-do list more are scheduled as I use them a lot -you can tell by the threads stuck to it-!


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