Stars-quilt weekly stats – and a though on starching fabric-.


This week’s numbers for the Stars-quilt are:

Stars basted: 47/168 (276/1008 templates)
Stars sewn: 0 /168
Background pieces basted: 0/?
Stars completed: 0

I am tempted to start cutting the white background; perhaps I should mix the prints with the white so it doesn’t get dull afterwards (at least, I will have 504 pieces of background to baste!). The more I advance, the more I’m getting sure of giving each star a background… My only fear is that at the end the quilt size could turn out to be unmanageable!

On another subject, I have started to starch the fabric before cutting. I have never used starch before, and it does really make a difference! Not only I get rid of the middle crease in the jelly roll strips (yes!), but also I can manipulate the fabric more easily around the templates. I should give it a try on a machine-sewn project. There are lots of quilters and tutorials out there that strongly recommend to starch fabric before each project. I start to understand why…


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