Square-in-a-square blanket


This is the other blanket I sewed pairing the tumbler-blanket posted last week. In this case, I also designed a specific pattern to fit the backing I already had. It took a bit lot of drawing and changing my mind two or three times in the process, including discarding a half-sewn quilt, until I decided for the square-in-a-square pattern combined with squares of prints (I wanted them to stand out, I really love this collection for a child’s quilt!). I thought that the big prints needed some bit of solid to contrast and give some space for the eye to rest. I’m not a big fan of yellow, but in this case I think it really suits the overall collection and gives a smooth look to all of it.


I added the border to make the most of the backing, and to have a clean line for sewing while attaching it (so I didn’t have to fight with matching points in the last moment). It also adds a finishing touch that I really like.


Other factor I took into consideration was that I’m not confident enough to work with triangles, specially when, as it was the case, I don’t have much time to work on a quilt. The sq-in-a-sq blocks are made by sewing squares on the diagonal and trimming the extra fabric out -which was conveniently chain-pieced in pairs of solid-print triangles so now I have a bunch of HST ready to go!-. In the end, it turned out that I barely used the seam ripper in this one! How amazing is that? When you put a seam together and, when opening it, all points match??

Project: Child blanket.
Size: 40 3/4″ x 33″ / 103,5 x 84 cm
Date: September, 2015 – October, 2015
Pattern: square-in-a-square blocks combined with squares of printed fabric
Top fabric: Just Dreamy 2, by Zoe Pearn for My Mind’s Eye, Riley Blake Designs
                1000 Colors Collection, n. 42049, Lecien
                Bella Solids 9900 98 – White Bleached, Moda Fabrics
Backing fabric: polar fleece
Batting: none.
Quilting: none.

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