Stars-quilt weekly stats


After redoing the maths for the quilt and leaving out the repeated prints in the jelly rolls, it turns out that I finished basting the “warm” prints and just started the second jelly roll, with “cool” colors on it. This difference in hue is kind of motivating as I see a change in the basted templates. This week’s numbers are:

Stars basted: 55/110 (330/660 templates)
Stars sewn: 0 /110*
Background pieces basted: 0/?
Stars completed: 0

*The number of stars can be (better say, would be) modified on the go. For the moment I left some of the dark/black prints of the “cool” jelly roll out.

I’ve started to use precut paper templates to give them a try. For the moment, I find them more tricky to baste than the self-made cardboard templates, as they bent so much when folding the fabric on them. But I’m starting to see some difficulties with the cardboard once I start to sew the stars together, as perhaps the templates are too much stiff. I shall see, definitively, this quilt is all about learning along the way!


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