Stars-quilt weekly stats


The Stars-quilt is entering a new stage as I now have stars sewn together. I’m having some trouble in getting matching centres for them, and the seam ripper has made its appearance in my working box (it didn’t come as a surprise at all to me… I was almost missing it -well, really not!-).

For piecing the templates together I use a 100% polyester thread. Not my favourite option, since I prefer to use cotton thread, but my supplies of the last are really short and I already had a small collection of polyester bobbins in multiples colours. I don’t know where they come from, they have always been in my house… They are not the best quality, I can tell, but as I already have them and it seems they will resist traction, they will do.

Besides sewing, I’m making templates to start basting the background, so I can work in both (basting and piecing) at the same time.

Stars basted: 88/88 (528/528 templates)
Stars sewn: 8 /88
Background pieces basted: 0/264
Stars completed: 0



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