My sewing goals for 2016

2016 is almost here and with the year change come the summaries – goals posts. This blog is too young for a summary (although I’m pretty happy with the sewing I’ve done this year), but for the sewing related goals… that’s another history! So, for this 2016, I plan / hope / would like to do:

– Firstly, I must end a long-standing UFO which is almost finished (I’m ashamed of how almost finished it is sitting in a box). Problem: once the top is finished, I don’t have any idea of how I’m going to quilt it. It’s too big for my sewing machine, and I don’t see it being hand-quilted.

The issue with the quilting part affects the major part of my ideas, as I don’t want to start something big enough to have trouble with it… But sooner or later I will have to face it, so…


– Find a pattern to put the collection Reel Time, by Zen Chic for Moda, into use. I know it should be the other way around, first the pattern, then the fabric, but experience has showed me otherwise. This meaning: going to the shop and the fabric you like and have been looking for is no longer being sold. Problem is that I have a fat-eight bundle, and all the patterns I like (for the moment) call for fat-quarters. Either maths or keep searching… or wait for inspiration to come and create my own pattern (which would be absolutely fantastic!). And of course, piece it.

– Find a pattern (there will be more like this, sorry) for a charm pack. This is a request from a relative, who also chose the fabrics (Jelly Bean, by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda). I must admit that, even though I appreciate the quality of the design, it’s not my cup of tea. To make things a bit more difficult, it has to have specific dimensions. And ideally, should be finished around Summer.

– Find a pattern (I know, you must be starting to see a pattern right now in my goals) for a collection of white batiks (2 ½” strips set). Again, a request.

Find a pattern for a 2 ½” strips set (Matilda by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures Fabrics). I really love this fabric and I would like to make a bed-runner from it. On my to-do list since 2014.

– Piece a table runner for my balcony table. For this I have the pattern and the fabric, in this order.

– Join a BOM program. This is already done, now just waiting until the first block is released. So, better: finishing a BOM program.

– Make a new pincushion for my sewing table. I have the pattern, I can’t decide on the fabric.

– Sew a mini-quilt to hang in my sewing space. Some patterns to choose from, a little bit of an idea of the fabric I would use.

– Do not let the Stars-quilt to become and UFO. I don’t have any hurry to finish it, but I should keep doing a little every week. For this, blogging helps a lot.

I have more fabric unassigned to a specific project, but I must think of it as my little stash. I should only buy fabric that works as stash-builder or that I absolutely love it (which means, I’m going to buy everything I like and fit it in this category). And start breaking apart collections. Because, being realistic, I know I’m going to buy fabric this year.

And I have some other UFOs, but these need some rest for the moment. And two sets of already sewn HST, that also need some rest.

But most important: keep in mind that this is my hobby. I can get done what I can get done, and I should not get any stress from it. This is the true goal for 2016: enjoy sewing, but keeping it in its place in my everyday life. Just to make sure I will continue to enjoy it in 2017.

Happy New Year!


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