Stars-quilt weekly stats and new projects on the table…


This week the Stars-quilt has had improvement, but I’m also working on other projects that are going to slow down its progress. Specially, I’m considering joining a 2-block per week – one year long QAL, so this would definitively make the Stars-quilt a besides project. But, for this week, the numbers are:

Stars basted: 88/88 (528/528 templates)
Stars sewn: 63 /88
Background pieces basted: 9/264
Stars completed: 0

On the “other projects” side, this week I finally decided on a pattern for the “Jelly Bean” charm pack and I’m quite happy of how it’s turning out. I’m making two table-runners (that is the request I was ask for) with hour-glass blocks. At the moment I have one almost already pieced; I’m having trouble joining the columns due to the thick seams that should nest, so lots of seam ripper for the moment! Any tip of how to join hour-glass blocks rows together?


Cotton&Color BoM 2016: January


So here it is, my first block for the 2016 BoM by Cotton & Color, “My World”. The BoM includes the pattern and the background fabric for each month’s block. I do not have a fabric stash (or at least, as much fabric as to name my pile a stash and to have a wide variety to choose from), so I am using a bundle the shop put together for last year BOM. The solids used in this block are Quilter’s Linen, by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, in green and brown. Just as a reminder, this block is not yet trimmed to its final size.


For January’s block the pattern called for templates or paper foundation; I decided for the latest but changing paper by interfacing. I have used interfacing for foundation-sewing before, and I think it provides great results. I also find it doesn’t damage the needle as much as paper would do, and it doesn’t need to be removed after sewing. Moreover, it helps to stabilise the embroidery (I took the photo of the back before sewing the cactus’ spines).

For those who might follow this BoM, you might notice I’ve changed the cactus’ spines from the ones depicted in the pattern. I didn’t want to make an aggressive cactus, showing off a lot of spines. Instead, it’s a shy cactus with short sharp points, just in case of self-defense if one dares to mess up with it. Otherwise, it’s a really friendly plant (and doesn’t require lots of watering, which is just fine!)

Stars-quilt weekly stats


I’ve started working on other projects, so the progress in this is getting another pace. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a quilt to work on while seating in the sofa, with the TV on (specially on these winter days!).

Stars basted: 88/88 (528/528 templates)
Stars sewn: 51 /88
Background pieces basted: 0/264
Stars completed: 0

A bag for a weekend out


As it says the name of this blog, it’s about patchwork, and more. Well, the “more” refers to the other sewing-related projects I like to make from time to time, with more or less luck in the final result. Working with (thick) interfacing and / or zippers makes me not comfortable at all. So this project was a bit of challenge, as it involved both.

It came as a kit, which included instructions, exterior fabrics and needed zipper and straps. I think this kind of “all-included” package is perfect for beginners. I was able to put the bag together -and correctly- really quickly; I must admit that what took me the most time was finishing the seams with bias-tape. But having a nice finished seams it’s surely worth the time!

Project: Luggage bag
Size: 14 1/2″ x 58 1/4″ / 37 x 148 cm
Date: December, 2015 – January, 2016
Kit: Weekend bag, Tela Marinera
Exterior fabric: Detour by BoBunny, Riley Blake Designs
Lining fabric: Bomull, Ikea
Batting: Polyester foam interfacing, unknown producer

Stars-quilt weekly stats



This week I have managed to put together a great bunch of stars. Some of them were partly sewn last week, but only those that are finished get to enter the stats.

Stars basted: 88/88 (528/528 templates)
Stars sewn: 42 /88
Background pieces basted: 0/264
Stars completed: 0

In the backstage, I have already cut out 100 new templates for the background pieces. I think it’s time to start cutting fabric!

Stars-quilt weekly stats


After the Christmas break, it’s time to resume work…

Stars basted: 88/88 (528/528 templates)
Stars sewn: 28 /88
Background pieces basted: 0/264
Stars completed: 0

I find that it’s easy to piece those templates made by paper instead of those of cardboard (that’s the inverse situation I found while basting). They are not only easier to manipulate, but I’m getting the impression that the points match easily with paper rather than with cardboard -just to keep in mind for new projects-.