Cotton&Color BoM 2016: February


This is the February’s block from the Cotton & Color BoM. I love, love this block! (perhaps because I wouldn’t say no to a cuppa?). And I had lots of fun piecing it, although putting it together was a challenge. Really.

This block is pieced with the foundation-paper method. Using paper instead of interfacing (as I did with January’s block) was something new. And it didn’t come together as smoothly as it should have. I think that almost every seam was ripped off at least once. Either the fabric was short, either points wouldn’t match. What’s more, I run out of the background fabric that was given with the pattern. I managed to put together the last scraps of it to complete the block, but I didn’t have more fabric to allow for more errors on cutting. Conclusion: when working with limited supply of fabric, measure, measure and measure (and think twice before cutting). And perhaps, change the technique for piecing.

I now think it should have been better to English-paper piece this block. I’m not sure if afterwards it would be easy to attach it to the rest of the blocks, but I wonder it’s just a matter to leave enough seam allowance when basting the templates. I should make another one, perhaps for a pot holder?


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