The Splendid Sampler™: Block 4


Block 4 for The Splendid Sampler “Happy Happy” is designed by Jen Kingwell, and it’s all appliqué. Having done block 1, I found myself rather comfortable sewing this one. I had fun fussy-cutting the flowers, and took the chance to use one of the big, geometrical prints as a background. I really like the result of the combination, the gray, strong background with the pops of colour of the flowers.


This is a close up of how I sewed this one: first I basted the patches into position and then needle-turn appliquéd them. These flowers were too small to be subjected with a pin and be comfortable to work with at the same time.

This block has incredibly triggered the creativity of the participants in the quilt along; it’s amazing to see how other quilters had turn this vase of flowers into extraordinary bursts of colour and embroidery. I shall see if I add some more embroidery to this one once I can see the overall picture of all the blocks together.

The 4th block’s information and link party can be found here.


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