The Splendid Sampler™: Block 6


This is block 6 for The Splendid Sampler, Focal Point”, designed by Natalia Bonner (Piece and Quilt). In my case, I should rename it to “What’s the price to get matching points”. Lots of seam ripper into this one, but I’m learning two or three things in this quilt along:

– I have a pressing issue. I have mentioned this before and I’m now sure of it. Whether it’s my (humble) iron that makes me iron more than press to get the results I want, or that I unintentionally stretch the fabric too much, that is something I will have to work out.

– I might have a sewing issue: perhaps I pull the fabric too much to guide it through the sewing machine.

– Square, square and square partial blocks that might have gone wonky before sewing the block together.

What I found specially challenging is this particular block was the fabric selection. I wanted to stick to the white’n’black scheme with some notes of colour, and it was difficult to choose fabrics in order to make the two arrows visible whilst no using a coloured fabric for them. It helped a lot to see what other quilters did with their blocks; they can be found here.


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