The Splendid Sampler™: Block 9


In a 100 block sampler it shouldn’t be any wonder there was to be a “home” block sooner or later. The 9th block of The Splendid Sampler is indeed a home, but a very special one:Local quilt shop”, by Jane Davidson (Quilt Jane – Want it, Need it, Quilt). What would it be of us, those who love and collect fabric, without the amazing quilt shops that are out there? Not to say with the amazing service lots of them offer!

The difficulty of this block was more on the cutting part rather than on the sewing. Once every piece was carefully cut, sewing was pretty straightforward. Only one seam to be treated with the seam-ripper, just to get the block to the final size (it was 1/16″ slightly off in the first try). I’m happy I’m seeing progress in my piecing skills! The embroidery is made with backstitch, cross-stitch and colonial knots, using DMC floss n. 310.

The pattern, information and link party can be found here.


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