The Splendid Sampler™: Block 11


Block 11 for The Splendid Sampler, Crocheted Thoughts, by Alyssa Thomas (Penguin&Fish) was so much fun! Not for the patchwork, which came together in a moment, but for the embroidery. I love to chain stitch… but with a crochet hook!

The design imitates a crocheted doily, and I have it crocheted in my block with and actual crochet hook, making the points through the fabric. The thread is kept always underneath, and the hook goes down the fabric, picks it, and pushes it up through the loop that is always on top, as it would do in normal crochet chain-stitch. The puckers that result from tensioning the fabric on the hoop will eventually disappear.


This technique is used to make the typical embroidery from the island of Mallorca, which is characterised for vineyard / floral motives and the use of a chain stitch made with a crochet hook instead of a needle (although in Spanish, more information can be found here). The crochet allows for a tiny, regular chain stitch, working with a really small hook and perlé cotton. For this block I used a 0.75/12 hook, Anchor perlé cotton n. 316 (both chain stitch and the backstitch imitating the thread) and Anchor embroidery floss n. 399 for the hook.


This is one of my background-embroidery projects, picturing typical Majorcan embroidery; it was finished about two years ago. I love this type of embroidery, and I have lots of fun working with the crochet instead of using a needle…my current background-embroidery project is Majorcan embroidery too, I hope I will finish it some time soon…

This block took me two afternoons to complete, due to the amount of embroidery it involves. So far, the most demanding block of the sampler. The information and link party for it are here.


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