The Splendid Sampler™: Block 13


I must admit it came as a surprise that the first star in The Splendid Sampler didn’t appear until block 13. “Scrap Star”, by Corey Yoder, it’s a beautiful framed Lemoyne star. The double frame adds lots of interest in a block that normally is pretty by itself.


Although the pattern calls for a scrappy star, I preferred to play with the same grey print to make the star more visible and used a variety of whites for the rest. The black print for the background is going to become one of my favourites prints of the collection (either in black, white and cream).


Not so many use of the seam-ripper in this one, which was a pleasant surprise. I opted not to trim the underneath fabric from the flying geese. I’ve read in several places that keeping the “base” fabric for the stitch-flip-turn method instead of trimming it off helps with accuracy when assembling pieces. I hope that it’s easier to understand from the image . For me it worked pretty well on this occasion.

The pattern and link party are here.


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