The Splendid Sampler™: Block 15


The 15th block of The Splendid Sampler™ is called “Family Affair”, by Janice Ryan. It’s the first appearance of foundation paper-piecing in this sampler, and it should be tagged under “more than one afternoon required” blocks.

Foundation paper-piecing… I’m not still a fan of it. I must admit that being given the fabric requirements and cutting instructions makes the process easier; however, I think that this method generates so much fabric waste, and it’s really time consuming (specially removing the paper). But it’s magnificent in achieving perfect points, and some patterns, like this one, wouldn’t be possible, or extremely difficult to piece, without this technique.

I followed the instructions given in the pattern and in Janice Ryan’s blog; I also found this source for foundation paper-piecing tutorials that will come in really handy with the Cotton&Color’s Block of the Month.

I’m happy with the final results, the seams match and the block measures what it is supposed to measure. This would also make for a great quilt; I see lots of possibilities playing either with the central X or the background as a constant.

The pattern, info and link party are here.


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