Cotton&Color BoM 2016: April


April’s block for the Cotton & Colors BoM depicts the most fundamental element in the sewing room. I think that, in fact, the sewing room is where the sewing machine is located. It doesn’t matter that the sewing projects are scattered around the house depending on what is being worked on, the sewing room is always where the sewing machine stays.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the shop, they offer curated bundles for the occasion from Lecien, that match this BoM in its two versions (I’m sewing the soft palette one). And my sewing machine has yellow on it. It’s not entirely yellow (fortunately!), but it’s the pop of colour the manufacturer decided to include in this particular model (why?!). So my block must have yellow on it. It couldn’t be otherwise. This yellow print included in the bundle was just perfect: yellow for my sewing machine, the name of the traditional patchwork blocks to remind what my sewing machine is mostly used for. Win-win.

This block is also pieced with paper-foundation. I’m still not comfortable with it, being now the problem the moment when to different sections are to be sewn together. Working on it, though. This is really a good way to learn! At least this time I didn’t run out of background fabric…

Again, just in time to finish it within the month it belongs. Still wondering if there would be a seam-ripper…


2 thoughts on “Cotton&Color BoM 2016: April

    • Yellow isn’t on the top of my favourites colours, but in this case it seemed I didn’t have so much choice… I’ve already seen a glimpse of the next block and I like where this BoM is going to!


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