The Splendid Sampler™: Block 24


The 24th block of The Splendid Sampler is called Inspector Sidekick, by Michele Foster, referring to those furry inspectors that are always keeping a closer look to our work. I do not have any, but I had the experience of working with them and I perfectly understand the feeling of being under constant scrutiny –and keeping and extra eye to spools, needles, pins and whatever that might be at their reach-.

Talking patchwork, this block was easier than it may have seemed. Almost no seam ripper… One of the things I learnt from the class with Me and My Sisters Designs was to correctly press. I was suspecting I had a pressing-ironing issue, and the last results seem to prove it: I’m amazed how flat the block turned out, and how easily seams nested, after a good press with my bigger, everyday-use steam-iron, instead of using the little travel-iron I have for patchwork. So: starch, and steam. The perfect duo.


I played with one of the directional prints for the background, and I have to highlight this little person carrying such a big cake… he has a somewhat crooked look, hasn’t he? I’m sure he is up to no good…

The pattern and link party for this 24th block can be found here.


4 thoughts on “The Splendid Sampler™: Block 24

    • Thank you Martina! Know I regret that I didn’t fussy-cut the fabric, but I think I may highlight this mischievous character in an upcoming block. Fortunately, this print comes in different colours, so I have plenty of them!


  1. Another beautiful block Ariadna! I just love the way you are using the subtle background prints to highlight your bright colours…. very clever design! They are going to make a fabulous quilt! Christine x


    • Thank you!! I’m waiting to finish block 25 to make a mosaic with the blocks so far… This quilt is really growing on me, even those blocks that are outside my comfort zone. And we are just at the 25%!


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