The Splendid Sampler™: Block 27


The 27th block of The Splendid Sampleris called “Sewing machineand is the fourth block by Pat Sloan. And it’s also one of those blocks that one could have expected: the little tribute to our sewing companion. I’ve already done my homage to my own sewing machine in the Cotton&Color BOM this last month, so in this particular block I didn’t make any reference to my machine, which is characterised by the use of yellow, and just followed the pattern.

And by followed I meant followed in its stricted sense: the appliqué is made by using fusible web and then securing the fabrics with a button stitch all around. For this, I used just one strand of embroidery floss (DMC n. 310 and 844 and Anchor n. 234), and for the needle, two strands of DMC 310 and a stem-stitch.

Although this is how I was taught how to appliqué some years ago, it’s just not my cup of tea… But I also think that I should include this technique in the sampler, because it was what the pattern states, and just a reminder of my own beginnings (and how much I’ve learnt since then!).

The block’s info and link party are here.


4 thoughts on “The Splendid Sampler™: Block 27

  1. Hello! I have just followed you back from Christine B’s blog! I love the fabrics you have used for your sewing machine, I’ve always wanted to use stuff with writing but never seem to find any! Lovely stitching, and it’s so useful to know exactly how you stitched it! I have some catching up to do on my sampler! Love the colours you have used for your blocks so far, and as you say we all have very different takes on the same pattern!
    I will be back to see how your stitching progresses.
    Barbara xx


    • Hello and welcome! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it! I love this fabric collection, it has lots of hand-written prints… sometimes it’s a little bit tricky to work with them, but it’s totally worth it. I try to document how I made each block so in the future I can remember how I did it… I’m learning tons with this sampler!


  2. Hello Ariadna! I love your sewing machine block….it looks beautiful! I have been trying all the techniques as the pattern states…. I think you learn much more that way! Christine x


    • I have the feeling that sometimes this sampler is worth a thousand classes all together… just forcing someone outside its comfort zone is really an achievement! For this block I tried to use only one strand of embroidery floss for the blanket stitch, but I think I must try with regular 50WT sewing cotton thread, just to hide as much as possible the stitches. But I’m not sure this could prevent fraying…


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