The Splendid Sampler™: Block 29


Block n.29 for The Splendid Sampler is calledScrappy Happy Heart, by Christa Watson (Christa Quilts). After the (not so easy at all) piecing on block n.28, this was an easy and fun paper-pieced block, for which I used scraps from previous blocks. I’m not quite sure about the colour scheme of this one, but I must audit it with all the blocks, and perhaps it doesn’t disturb me at all… I just noticed, when I laid all the blocks together, that I was a little short on the use of black prints. Perhaps it’s just that, that suddenly so much black strikes me.

A couple things about paper-piecing this block:

– I set the stitch length to 1.5. I was able to remove the paper in a breeze.

– Backstitching at the beginning and at the end of every seam: this helped a lot removing the paper and folding paper to trim the next-to-be-sewn seam, see below:

– Once one strip was sewn into place, I trimmed the next-to-be-sewn seam with the ¼” seam allowance, so the next strip had a clear reference of where to go. It worked beautifully. Normally, I would sew, trim only the already sewn seam to ¼” to give a neat finish, add a larger strip of fabric eye-balling its position with the crease method, sew, trim already sewn seam… (does it make any sense?)

There is a wonderful tutorial from 3and3quarters here, just showing the method I used for this one. This is about to become my favourite method for paper-piecing so far.

The pattern and link party for this particular block are here.


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