Cotton&Color BoM 2016: May


This month’s block for the Cotton & Color‘s BoM was easier than the previous ones, even it was also paper-pieced. The pattern was indeed simpler, and taking into account all the recent paper-piecing in The Splendid Sampler, it came together smoothly. The main difficulty was to play with the directional print given for the background (Mirabelle, by Fig Tree for Moda), and not running out of it in the meanwhile (as happened in February’s block).

The little circle for the central screw was needle-turn appliquéd… another learnt skill from The Splendid Sampler! Three months ago I wouldn’t have even considered the idea! And, following the pattern request, there’s something personal to identify them from all the other pairs.


The colours were chosen to match one of my pairs of scissors (evidently, I have several…). These little ones were part of a set to teach children to sew, hence the blunt tip, but they really do the job. I find them really helpful to cut threads while chain-piecing or right under the machine’s needle, knowing the tip of the scissors won’t damage anything in the meanwhile (the charm was a gift from one of the activities in the class with Me and My Sisters Designs… and although this particular pair doesn’t need a charm, well, I like to have it on it).

Looking forward to June’s block… we already have a sewing-machine, an iron, a pair of scissors… what next? Thread? My beloved seam-ripper? I’m really curious! Definitely a Mystery quilt is lots of fun!


2 thoughts on “Cotton&Color BoM 2016: May

  1. What a fun block Ariadna! Your scissors look great…. and see how much you are learning from the Splendid Sampler….. I am too…. I am much happier with paper piecing now! Christine x


    • I couldn’t agree more on how much The Splendid Sampler is providing in terms of learning new techniques, or improving those that we were not comfortable at all with! On another matter, this BoM from Cotton&Color has had really fun patterns so far… and they can work perfectly alone as mini-quilts for the sewing room (an idea I should consider when it comes to put the quilt together…).


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