The Splendid Sampler™: Block 31


Block 31 for The Splendid Sampler “Blossoming”, by Jennifer Reynolds (Jenny of Elefantz) is another full-embroidered block. For this one I tried some new things:

– I used a Pigma Micron pen to transfer the pattern to the fabric. This pen works great! I loved the delicate, thin trace it leaves which helps a lot in achieving tidy and accurate stitches. But, as it’s permanent, a lot of attention must be taken into when transferring, as the mistakes can’t be amended. A table light would’ve been useful…

– I used stabilizer (a light fusible muslin). Another wonderful discovery. I can tell the difference, and I think I’ll be using this in all my future embroidery projects (except in those with a enough sturdy fabric, of course).

– I didn’t use a loop, in any part of the process. Although I was comfortable sewing without it, I think its use will depend on the stitches sewn.

– I sewn my first Lazy Daisy stitches. So much fun! I have to watch out not to pull the thread too much, so it looks like more an actual petal.

Following the designer’s advice, I tried to stitch very tiny stitches, and I really enjoyed doing so. I didn’t never thought how many backstitches in one inch I was capable of sewing! It turns out that it’s 17.

I kept the same colour scheme used in the previous blocks, although I played with more colours than in block n.20. For this one, I used DMC embroidery floss n. 844 for the basic grey, and Lecien’s Cosmo variegated floss n. 5008, 5002, 8055 and 8021 for the details.

The link party and block information are here.


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