Cotton&Color BoM 2016: June


It seems that the blocks from the Cotton & Color‘s BoM like deadlines, because I’m finishing them just on the very end of the month. For June, the pattern depicts a laundry basket full of fabric -washed or to be washed? That’s the question-, and as previous blocks, it’s paper-pieced.

This wasn’t a difficult block to put together; moreover, this time indications were given on how to save background fabric to have enough of it at the end for the borders. I took the chance to search through my (little) scrap bin and to use some fabrics that have already been used in previous blocks. I don’t know the final layout of this quilt, so I like to give common elements to the different blocks to create a link between them.

The washing pictograms are backstitched with DMC embroidery floss n. 844.

There’s a photo gallery with other participants’ blocks here. Looking forward to July’s block!


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