The Splendid Sampler™: Block 35


The 35th block of The Splendid Sampler had been running on the slow lane for a while… well, it was stopped on the slow lane, until I made up my mind on how to finish it.

This one is called “The Wishful Garden”, by Kristyne Czepuryk (Pretty by hand), and, on a pieced base, contains lots of embroidery, depicting the garden stated on the block’s name. I was committed to do the embroidery instead of using some of my machine’s decorative stitches. Problem was, that I just loved the plain pieced block. I started the embroidery, and with just one strip done, I faced the dilemma of ripping it out and let just the block, or moving on and completing it as it is designed.

And this decision had taken a while. Finally, I remembered myself my early commitment of doing all the blocks “as they are”, and in a couple of afternoons it was complete. I like it, but honestly, I also loved its simplicity without the embroidered part, with the fussy cut detail in the centre.

About the embroidery, before piecing the block I reinforced the fabric with stabiliser, and afterwards, I draw some guides for a more regular stitching. Now I know I should have better drawn before applying the stabiliser, although that meaning the use of permanent markers. I couldn’t resist to use variegated floss for the green (Cosmo 8021); the flowers are stitched with Cosmo variegated floss 5002, DMC n. 309 and 3809.

Really late in the party, all the information and other gardens are here.


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