The Splendid Sampler™: Block 65


The 65th block of The Splendid Sampler™ “Stripes and Flowers”, by Siobhan Rogers, offers two possibilities: “normal” piecing or paper-piecing, with an slightly different outcome depending on the one chosen.

Although I’m not a fan of paper-piecing, I went straightforward for this technique to avoid dealing with those tiny triangles, and I had the block pieced in almost no time. My main concern is that the resulting seams are really thick, even pressed open. The block is slightly small (less than 1/8″ off), and I reckon this is due to this thickness… it should be easy to fix with the sashing.

I didn’t follow the instructions regarding the type of fabric to be used (hence the name of the block!). I’m starting to run out of fabric for big-pieced backgrounds, so no directional prints for this one (considering how much fabric waste it would have implied!), and my floral prints are too much big for those triangles to really show.

Link party, pattern and more info are here.


2 thoughts on “The Splendid Sampler™: Block 65

  1. Another beautiful block Ariadna…. sorry I have missed some of your Splendid Sampler posts…. I love seeing your versions of these blocks…. such pretty colour choices! Christine xx


    • Thank you! I hope you can catch up with the Splendid Sampler soon… I’m starting to struggle with the fabrics, as my initial fat-eights are running short, but I’m glad I decided to go for this colour scheme… I need to start thinking about how I’m going to put it together, though. I’m not sure which colour to use for the sashing…


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