Star Sampler Quilt (1): “Eccentric Star”


This is the first block for the Star Sampler quilt-along organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe of 3and3quarters. I had so much fun piecing this one; it makes such a difference working with pieces so big! I had to search for a new photo set, as I don’t have design boards big enough to accommodate a 12.5″ block (perhaps I should start thinking in getting a design wall?).

Although the pattern called for one fabric to be used in all HST, I played with a different fabric for the outer ones, to give the star a contrast to show off. The main print fabric is the lawn print (I posted about the fabric for this sampler here), so I took care of pressing seams away from it as much as possible, and also tried piecing with a 70/10 needle. I don’t think it was strictly necessary, and once the block was finished, I realised I should have adjusted the distance between needle and presser foot to maintain a scant ¼” seam allowance. The final block is slightly smaller than 12.5″, but nothing that can be fixed when putting the quilt together.

I just love the fabric selection for this one, and can’t wait to start working on the second!


2 thoughts on “Star Sampler Quilt (1): “Eccentric Star”

    • I spent a pretty amount of time in the quilt shop deciding on the fabrics for this sampler ;-) I’m so happy I stepped outside the comfort zone of working with a collection! Have a nice weekend too!


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