Star Sampler Quilt (2): “Star X”


The second block for the Star Sampler (organised by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters) resulted a difficult one. This is, in fact, the second star I sewed, as in the first try there was no way I could get matching points in the centre of the block. So I decided to start from scratch, paying lots of attention when trimming the QST (centring the ruler with the 45º line and what should be the middle of the block). After some seam-ripper, lots of steam and an empty bobbin in the middle of a seam (!!), the second attempt turned out a good one.

I was worried about using a directional print for the background, but I took the plunge and paying attention when placing the fabric for the HST it was not a problem at all. I just love the contrast between the pale green and the dark violet.

A sneak peak of the third block was released a couple days ago, and I’m already auditing fabric for it…


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