Star Sampler Quilt (3): “Kansas Star”


Well, this one was difficult! I hope that the habit of sewing a second version of the same block ends with this one… The third star of the Star Sampler quilt-along (by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters) called for snow-ball cornered units, and honestly, I’m finding myself unable to master them. I tried several methods and there was no way I had a unit that would measure what it was supposed to, and the resulting block was a ½” short, and totally unsquared.

So, I changed gears and built this one from square-in-square units. It took some maths and trial-and-error test blocks to get the measurements, but what a difference! A squared, 12 ½” block with the points where they are supposed to be! (and yes, with the help of the seam-ripper along the way…).

I love those X on the green background… It looks like a field of little stars!


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