The Splendid Sampler™: Block 74


The 74h block of The Splendid Sampleris called Button Basket”, by Karen Costello Soltys. The main difficulty of this one was to sew the bias strip for the basket’s handle. I tried to follow the instructions, but I couldn’t manage to top-stitch the handle in place, so I hand-stitched it with a blind stitch. I don’t like to add buttons to a quilt (not until it’s quilted, at least), so for the moment I’ve substituted them for a cross-stitch.

Link party, pattern and more info are here.


2 thoughts on “The Splendid Sampler™: Block 74

  1. Your basket is very pretty Ariadna! You are probably very sensible to add the buttons at the end! I always add mine as I go along and then have difficulty putting a ruler on the block/quilt to straighten the edges! Christine x


  2. Thank you Christine! I haven’t decided yet what use will have the Sampler: if it ends as a wall-hanging I may add the buttons. If it’s gonna be a blanket, I will probably not. But anyway, quilting this one will be a big challenge, so better to ease things as much as possible ;-)


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