The Splendid Sampler™: Block 85


With all the Christmas sewing and projects with more priority at the moment I decided to put the blocks for The Splendid Samplerin the slow lane, so they won’t be appearing here in the right order and on the right timing. However, block 85 is a pretty straightforward one, so I squeezed it between other things.

Called “Flow”, by Latifah Saafir, it’s a simple paper pieced block, depicting a plane. What’s curious about this one is that the templates include the seam allowance, which was new to me. It seems to be two versions of this block, one with the main strip perfectly centred on the diagonal, and the second, as it’s seen on the last page of the pattern, with it slightly off. I guess the “correct” one is with the centred strip, and I did something wrong when trimming the block together (I cut from the back, following the paper templates, without checking the front…*sigh*). However, I do like this version, which looks more like a real plane.

This block changes dramatically upon the fabric choice; lots of variations and the pattern are here.


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