That’s what I did in 2016…

This 2016 goal-review post has been growing along the 2016: every time I accomplished something, or I thought of something, I would just open the 2016 goals’ post and made my comments. It’s has been a work-in-progress that helped to digest things, put perspective on them and not rush at the last moment just to “comply” with the “past-year-review-post”, leaving things behind and just adding things to embellish the list. I will do another post with my goals for 2017, so this one doesn’t end larger than it already is.

All my programming for this year fell behind with the arrival of The Splendid Sampler, which has been my -unexpected- central project for the whole year. Along it, the course with Me and My Sister Designs added a whole load of new projects, and, of course, I couldn’t resist to join some other things along the way.

That said, what have I accomplished from the original list?

– My long-standing UFO hasn’t been touched. At all. Total failure on that.

Find a pattern to put the collection Reel Time, by Zen Chic for Moda, into use. I have several ideas on that, based on some Splendid Sampler blocks and parallel projects offered by the designers. I have no rush to work on that, though.

Find a pattern for a charm pack. This is a request from a relative, who also chose the fabrics (Jelly Bean, by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda). It turned into two table-runners made with hour-glass blocks. And was finished in due date! I blogged about them here.

Find a pattern for a collection of white batiks (2 ½” strips set). Found! It will be the Wild Jelly roll n. 4 pattern, by Me and My Sister Designs. I need to find some extra coordinating fabric, that will mark when I’m going to work on it.

Find a pattern for a 2 ½” strips set (Matilda by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures Fabrics). I really love this fabric and I would like to make a bed-runner from it. On my to-do list since 2014. Searching…

Piece a table runner for my balcony table. For this I have the pattern and the fabric, in this order. Another complete failure. I will turn this into a leader-and-enders project, let’s see if by doing so I can get it done! But I pieced a table topper for it, the Frivol n.10! So it should count as done, shouldn’t it?

Join a BOM program. This is already done, now just waiting until the first block is released. So, better: finishing a BOM program. I joined four: the one I’ve already joined (Cotton&Color BOM), The Splendid Sampler™, the Stars-sampler by 3and3quarters quilt along, and the Sugar Plumb table-runner by Fresh Lemons Quilts. The Cotton&Color BoM is finished, and I’m proud I have the quilt put together and working in a consistent pace to have it finished and ready to quilt mid January. The Sugar Plumb table-runner is finished, and needs to be quilted. The other two are still running, and up-to-date.

Make a new pincushion for my sewing table. Done! It was made in early February, details here.

Sew a mini-quilt to hang in my sewing space. I did sew a mini-quilt, although not for me.

Do not let the Stars-quilt to become and UFO. It haven’t! I’m so glad of that… With all the other sewing going around here it is advancing at a really slow pace, but advancing.

– I should only buy fabric that works as stash-builder or that I absolutely love it. I bought fabric. Of course. Lots of. I made an spreadsheet to keep track of it, though. Helps to avoid buying new one and have a wide perspective of how the stash is doing!

And I have learned to knit! That was totally unexpected, but in a few months knitting has become a part of my crafty life, and I have lots of projects already burning in my mind! I have even opened an account on Ravelry (you can find me as latassatorta).

I’m really happy of all I have done this year, even there are some things that didn’t get accomplished. Moreover, I’m amazed for the people I have got to know, and the wonderful experiences I have had thanks to these amazing hobbies.

Happy New Year!


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