… and that’s what I want to do in 2017!

After the 2016 goals’review post, it’s time to set new objectives for 2017. I find this kind of post/exercise really useful to keep track of all the things that are scattered, either on my sewing space or in my I-want-to-do-that-list.

My big goal for 2017 is to improve my quilting skills, using what I have (that’s, my little sewing machine).  The major part of my goals for this year involve quilting, and I need to face it as I have a growing number of pieced tops that don’t get finished because of my inexperience on that area.



– Finishing already started projects. And by finishing I mean finishing blocks and quilting and binding. Finished.

  1. The Splendid Sampler™. That will be the huge project. Because putting this one together will be lots of work, not to speak of quilting it. And I don’t want it to become an UFO.

  2. The Star-Sampler quilt along by Amanda of 3and3quarters. This one has its own pace, which for me is just perfect. The quilt-along includes the quilting part, so that should help.

  3. The Sugar Plumb table-runner by Fresh Lemons Quilts, that’s already ready for quilting. For this one I’m setting a deadline inside the first trimester of 2017. I’m planning to quilt it by hand, after some thought about how I was going to finish it.

  4. The 2016 BoM by Cotton&Color. I’m planing to start quilting it mid-January.

  5. The “Buttons” pattern by Me and My Sister Designs. It’s advancing a lot since I converted it to a leader-and-ender project, and put the box besides my sewing machine.

  6. The Wild Jelly Roll n.3 pattern, also by Me and My Sister Designs. The main blocks are finished, I need to spend some time cutting the background and resuming it. For his one, I think it’s more realistic to set the goal at just finishing the top.

– Starting. I’m going to start at least four projects, but I have to say I have cut this list short after some though -specially, taking into account the “to-be-finished” list-.

  1. I’m going to join the Flower Festival quilt-along by Leah Day. I followed the video tutorials for her 2016 quilt-along, and I knew joining in would be perfect to me, if I was to learn how to FMQ. This is my main new project for 2017, as it should provide me the security I need to get to quilt!

  2. This year there won’t be a BoM by Cotton&Color. Instead, they are running a Project of the Month, which looks like it’s going to be lots of fun. Right now, mini projects seem more doable than a whole mystery quilt.

  3. Last year I purchased the Moda’s Frivol n. 2, that is intended to be a gift. So at some point I should have to start working on it.

  4. Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock is starting a sew-along based on her book, The Quilt Block Cookbook. As it happens I already have it, I thought it would be fun to follow, even I have so much to do right now… I will use fabric I already have and let’s see what turns out at the end!

  5. This year I would love to be able to join the annual Mistery quilt by Bonnie K. Hunter. This is the second year I’m following it without doing it (because I was honest to myself and realised I didn’t have time to do so!!). I think it’s just lots of fun!

  6. A couple of friends are expecting babies, so I think baby-quilts are in order, aren’t they?

– Following: the Stars-quilt. My early goal was to have it ready to quilt by September. I think it’s more realistic to set it to have all the stars with the background attached, and the final distribution decided.

Of course, with the permission of some ideas that might come up unexpectedly and those that I already have but for the sake of my sanity I have left out of the list. I really feel the need to start ending things, before starting new projects, otherwise I’m going to feel overwhelmed, and there’s no joy in that, isn’t it?



Well, I would have never thought I was to have that category. Four projects:

– Finish the top I’m currently making, to be finished before Spring.

– Knit a shawl with that bright yarn! Something not really complicated, I want it this Summer! I still have to find the right pattern, though.

– Knit a pair of mittens (I already have the materials) to learn how to knit in the round.

– Knit a pullover. The big knitting project, as I feel I’m jumping in a swimming pool without knowing how to swim: a pullover, with sleeves, neck and cables! I already have the materials, and I will work on it once I’ve finished the mittens.



I will love to join some embroidery samplers I know are running, but I need to draw the line somewhere, and here it’s. I bought two kits to learn the Sashiko embroidery, and I already have a project that is waiting to be finished -this typical embroidery from Mallorca, begun years ago-, so these will be my embroidery projects for this year.

All that said, of course, the main objective is to enjoy all that comes with sewing. If something doesn’t get done, well, it would jump to next year’s list!

I look forward to sharing new adventures throughout this new year! Thank you for following along!


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