The Splendid Sampler™: Block 91


Block n. 91 for The Splendid SamplerGran’s Button Jaris designed by Lynette Anderson. She was one of the first designers whose work I got to know when I started quilting. Although her style doesn’t match my own when it comes to the patchwork itself, I have used some of her fabrics now and then.

So, although I was tempted to simplify the block and go for an all-embroidered version, I remained true to the original design, which is so characteristic of Lynette Anderson’s designs. The needle-turn appliqué perhaps ended a little bit wonky, but overall I’m pleased with the result, and glad I decided to keep the design.


I used a back-stitch for almost all the lines, except the horizon-line, which is stitched with a stem-stitch, French knots for the buttons, a colonial knot for the bird’s eye and satin stitch for the hearts (the bird’s one was framed with a back-stitch), along with a running-stitch for the border.

I should have sewn the block’s borders before the embroidery; it was tricky to add them afterwards due to the irregularities caused by the embroidery itself. Also, I would have been able to adjust better the pattern into its space.

One block less to go, and one more for the beautiful embroidery collection this sampler is providing. Pattern, info and link party are here.


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