On-going projects: January update


Last year I started to write this kind of monthly summaries, and they did help in keeping track of everything and show what’s going on behind the finished blocks I normally share here.

That being said, this month has been really busy. I took a two-day course at Cotton&Color, started three new sew-alongs and tried to keep up with the ones currently running.

For the already running projects:

The Splendid Sampler™ is entering the final stage, with only 4 blocks left to be released. I have committed myself to finish it in time, that’s it, no blocks left to sew when the n.100 is released. However, I’m a little behind, with block n. 90 waiting. I now have a huge problem with how much fabric I’ve left, and the selection process isn’t easy at all. That’s the main reason block 90 is on hold; it requires big pieces and I don’t want to compromise prints that can be in handy for small piecing.

– The 2016 BoM by Cotton&Color. I was planing to start to quilt it this month. I just didn’t have time, and I’m still considering if it needs some more borders or an upgrade with appliqué. I hope I will have made an advance in February.

– The “Buttons” pattern by Me and My Sister Designs has almost all the blocks finished and ready to be put together in the final layout. I need to unpick a couple of them and start cutting the sashing fabric. Great progress on that one!

– There wasn’t a new release for the Star-Sampler quilt along by Amanda of 3and3quarters until yesterday, so it’s almost up-to-date.

The Stars-quilt is, as it’s becoming more usual, the neglected project. Little advance on this one since the last stats (November!!):

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 1
8/84 (+6 from the last stats)

For the new projects:

– I started the Flower Festival quilt-along by Leah Day, and this one has taken the big part of my sewing time during this month. Piecing the block wasn’t a big deal, but quilting it… another story! I made a couple of mock sandwiches to practice, and I’m really slow at quilting. In fact, it still isn’t finished. I plan a couple of blog posts about this one, so many new things learnt!

The first pattern for the project of the month by Cotton&Color is waiting on my ironing table. I have the fabric already selected, and I’m planing some hand-quilting on it.

The Quilt Block Cookbook sew-along by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock is running and I was able to find time to piece the first two blocks, which I just love! I’m having lots of fun playing with fabric selection! However, I haven’t been unable to spend time on working on blocks 3 and 4. I ‘ll try to catch up as soon as The Splendid Sampler blocks are finished.

– The course I took was about Laura Heine‘s collage quilts. Lots of fun! I did finish my top and now I’m searching for the thread to quilt it (trying new things on this one!). I really hope to have it finished in February! At Cotton&Colour blog there’s a post about the course, with a little story about my quilt (the English version is just after the German text).


And for the knitting, my top has seen lots of progress, and I’m moving the deadline for it from end-March to end-February.

Now that I have put all of that in writing, it confirms the feeling that I had since planning this year’s sewing: I need to start finishing things. I hope that with the end of The Splendid Sampler and having done all the warm-ups for the Festival Flower QAL I will start seeing things coming to an end! It’s not a bad feeling – I’m really happy of all the sewing I’ve done so far this month-, it’s just that I prefer to keep my focus on fewer projects rather that having so many running along!


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