Stars-quilt March’17 update

I’ve been thinking of the monthly summaries I’ve been writing recently, and I am kind of feeling like dropping them. Basically, the only project I think worthy to report its state is the Stars-quilt, and mostly because it is a years-long running project. Truth is I have an analogue system based on paper and pen that works rather well, and looking back to the previous posts I find them rather heavy to read and not essential for the blog at all.

I’m not saying I won’t be back to some kind of report / summary / update of different projects, is just that the current one wasn’t working as I would like.

So, the Stars-quilt this month. It has seen little progress, perhaps I should set a fixed number of stars to be done each month?

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 27/84 (+3 from the last stats)


2 thoughts on “Stars-quilt March’17 update

  1. Hello Ariadna! You may not have made much progress on this quilt this month but the stars you have made look beautiful! I am sure it will be a fabulous quilt! Hope you are enjoying some sunshine! Christine x


    • I decided to set myself a number of stars to be finished each month, hope I can manage to do so! This range of fabric has wonderful colours and the templates give the fabric a crisp appearance that I just love :-). So lets hope the final quilt keeps up to that! (Yes, fortunately we are enjoying some nice weather recently… we needed that!!)


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