About “La tassa torta”

Welcome to “La tassa torta”! My name is Ariadna, an ex-pat living in central Europe, and this is my journal about quilting, sewing and needles-and-threat related adventures. Here you will find my journey through a world full of fabric and matching points – mostly after a hard battle with the seam ripper!-, along with knitting, embroidery and other sewing projects.

I’d tried to keep different kinds of journals, but they all proved wrong. I’ve learned -and I’m still learning- a lot through all the kind tutorials, patterns and sew-alongs that are on the Internet; and the net is the best resource to find inspiration and ideas for new projects. So keeping my quilting journal in a blog accessible to everyone seems a good option to really keep a journal and to share experiences with quilters from around the world at the same time.

I almost forgot… “La tassa torta” means “The tilted mug” in my mother tongue, Catalan. I do have a tilted mug, which along other mugs collected through my journeys tend to lie peacefully on my working table.

Feel free to leave a comment! I would love to hear from you!


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