Flower Festival Mystery Quilt: fabric selection


This year I’m determined to learn to quilt. From straight-line quilting to free-motion quilting, I just want to finish a quilt top and not feel overwhelmed by the thought that the next thing that needs to be done is to quilt it. Moreover, after all the love and care I put into piecing, just quilt anything because I need that quilt finished doesn’t feel right. Hence my big goal for this year. I’m going to quilt.

And nothing seems more right to me to join the Flower Festival Mystery Quilt by Leah Day. I followed her video tutorials during 2016 (I already had so many projects on my table to actually sew them), and this year I’m taking the plunge.

As this quilt will be densely quilted, and as I need to see my stitches, I knew I needed solids. I’m not a fan of batiks, which would be another option. And I’d kept an eye on the Grunge collection by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics for a long time, and it seemed the perfect fabric for this project. I’m not following the colour palette Leah Day is using, so here is my selection:

From top to bottom, all are fabrics from Grunge, by Basic Grey:

1. Ash
2. Peacoat
3. Bachelor
4. Boysenberry
5. Cream, for the background
6. Saxony, for block borders

The backing will be a light grey – 1000 Colours Collection (501), by Lecien-, the same I’m using in the Star-Sampler quilt-along.

(A picture of all the fabric together can be seen in the 2017 goals post).

For the batting, I’m using a 80/20 cotton-polyester mix; “Natural Blend” by Legacy.

I still have to decide which thread I’m going to use for the quilting, it looks like that some practice-sandwiches are in order!


Star Sampler Quilt Along: fabric selection


Let’s start something new! Amanda of 3and3quarters is organising a quilt along featuring 12 different star designs. I love Amanda’s tutorials and videos, so the moment she announced she was planing a QAL I knew this would be on my table right away, despite all the other projects running along.

After working mostly monochrome with the Splendid Sampler™’s blocks, I wanted something completely different for this project. Also, I was decided not to use a set collection. And truth is, this is absolutely outside my comfort zone. It’s really comfortable to work with collections, and it’s really overwhelming to step outside them.


So, talking fabric. My basic fabric to build this palette is this print from the Flow collection, by Brigitte Heitland (Zen Chic). I just love it! But I don’t see it as a part of any block, so in my head this fabric is intended for the binding. I don’t know how crazy it is to build a whole quilt’s colour scheme from the binding, but anyway… This fabric contains all the colours that should be on the quilt, so from this point forward it was all a matter of spending time in the quilt shop browsing through bolts and bolts of fabric and discussing it with the staff, which were of wonderful and invaluable help. Finally, most of the prints belong to different collections either by to Zen Chic, or to Cotton+Steel.


From left to right, the fabrics are:

  1. Mochi, by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton+Steel
  2. Mod Basics 3, Birch Fabrics (this fabric is made of organic cotton)
  3. Flow (teal), by Zen Chic, Moda Fabrics
  4. Macrame, by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton+Steel
  5. For you, by Zen Chic, Moda Fabrics
  6. Cookie Book, by Kimberly Knight, Cotton+Steel
  7. Flow (orange), by Zen Chic, Moda Fabrics
  8. August, by Sarah Watts, Cotton+Steel*
  9. Melodies, by Sarah Campbell, Michael Miller Fabrics
  10. Mochi, by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton+Steel
  11. XOXO (Cotton+Steel Basics), by Rashida Coleman-Hale, Cotton+Steel
  12. Homebody, by Kimberly Knight, Cotton+Steel
  13. Flow (graphite), by Zen Chic, Moda Fabrics (binding fabric)
  14. 1000 Colors Collection (pink 716), Lecien
  15. Painter’s Canvas (orange), Michael Miller Fabrics
  16. Cotton Couture (Isle), Michael Miller Fabrics

* When I picked this fabric, I didn’t notice it’s lawn. I found Cotton+Steel have some useful tips on working with lawn on their blog.

The background will be a light grey – Lecien 1000 Colours Collection (501)-.

The QAL is scheduled to begin next Thursday, 22th. Time enough to wash all the fabric and start starching… I have found it’s absolutely worth it, and it turns out, it’s basic when working with different fabric weights!

New project: The Splendid Sampler™ -fabric selection-


I mentioned some days ago I was considering joining a 2-block per week – one year long QAL: The Splendid Sampler™. For me it’s a huge project to undertake. For starters, I didn’t have enough fabric to tackle it (well, perhaps, but not enough variety to choose from). I didn’t, until few days ago two new fat-eight bundles joined my little stash!

I already had the fat-quarter bundle from “Pie Making Day”, by Brenda Ratliff, for RJR Fabrics. It wasn’t enough for the sampler fabrics requirements, and after some thought, I decided for two collections I’ve been longing for: Modern Background – Ink and Modern Background – Paper, by Zen Chic, for Moda Fabrics.

So my plan is to use these two as my main fabrics (they cover the dark-medium-light range), with the coloured fabrics as a contrast points in the blocks. Mainly, a black and white quilt with pops of colour!

This is for me a total new adventure: it’s going to be the biggest quilt I’ve planned to do (Stars-quilt besides, whose final dimensions are yet unknown), with techniques I do not like, master or know at all. I’m committed to do the 100 blocks, we shall see in a year how this turns out!

For the moment, and also something I don’t usually do, all the fabrics have been pre-washed and waiting for starch and pressing. With so many different techniques involved, and those plum and black prints to be paired with white fabrics, I decided to play safe against bleeding.