Stars-quilt May’17 update

Last month I fixed a minimum number of stars to be completed each month. This May not only I reached that goal, but I was able to add two more finished stars to the count. Now I just hope I can maintain that pace!

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 42/84 (+8 from the last stats)

Stars-quilt April’17 update

After my last update, I set a goal of stars to be finished each month. I decided that a minimum of six was really doable, breaking the number into 1.5 stars/week, or at least two pieces of background attached every day.

This month it seems it worked. Thanks to a weekend trip, I even managed to do a little bit more! (EPP and its amazing portability!!!). If only I can sew more than six stars per month twice this year, by the end of it I should have all the stars completed (and so my initial goal for this 2017!).

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 34/84 (+7 from the last stats)

Stars-quilt March’17 update

I’ve been thinking of the monthly summaries I’ve been writing recently, and I am kind of feeling like dropping them. Basically, the only project I think worthy to report its state is the Stars-quilt, and mostly because it is a years-long running project. Truth is I have an analogue system based on paper and pen that works rather well, and looking back to the previous posts I find them rather heavy to read and not essential for the blog at all.

I’m not saying I won’t be back to some kind of report / summary / update of different projects, is just that the current one wasn’t working as I would like.

So, the Stars-quilt this month. It has seen little progress, perhaps I should set a fixed number of stars to be done each month?

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 27/84 (+3 from the last stats)

On-going projects: February update


(Each month I write a monthly summary about what’s going on behind the finishedblocks and projects shared on the everyday posts of the blog. That helps me in keeping track of the on-going projects and acts as a motivation guide).

February was marked by two unexpected trips that keep me away of the sewing room. On the other hand, they helped in advancing hand-sewn, portable projects.

All 100 blocks for The Splendid Sampler™ are finished! I can’t believe I’ve actually made it! Now I’m going to take a couple of weeks break to catch on other things and I’ll start revisiting those blocks that require so and start putting the sampler together. I already have decided on the setting, I just need to audit the fabric for it.

The 2016 BoM by Cotton&Color was planned to start being quilted on January. However, I couldn’t spend time on it. I don’t foresee any advance for it on March, even though I would like to have it, at least, basted.

I finished the blocks for the “Buttons” pattern by Me and My Sister Designs. I want to have the top finished by the end of March!

The Star-Sampler quilt along by Amanda of 3and3quarters is up-to-date.

– The Stars-quilt was the major beneficiary of my trips this month:

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 24/84 (+6 from the last stats)

I finished the first block for the Flower Festival quilt-along by Leah Day. I already posted about the piecing of this one, and I plan to post about the quilting part later this week. However, I couldn’t start the second one, so I’m thinking to skip directly to the March’s block and catch up with February’s as soon as possible.

I also couldn’t work on the Cotton&Color‘s Project of the Month pattern for February. I did however end January’s pouch. Post to come.

The Quilt Block Cookbook sew-along by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock is the neglected project this month. I couldn’t keep up with the weekly block, so I have like 6 weeks to catch up. But I did prioritize the Splendid Sampler blocks, so now I’ll try to find some time to sew along. I was having lots of fun playing with my fabric stash and I already have several ideas for the blocks.

And I wanted to finish the quilt from the course I did on Laura Heine‘s collage quilts, but it just didn’t happen. It’s taking priority this month, hope I can have it finished also before the end of it.

On a brighter side, I did finish two projects! My knitted top is finished and waiting to be blocked! And I was able to finish a long-running embroidery project. As always, each of them will get its on post on the blog.

Although I couldn’t stick to my original plan for February, looking back I realise I did some great progress on the Stars-quilt, and I was able to finish two projects! Not to mention, having 100 blocks finished…That’s how all of them look like together!


On-going projects: January update


Last year I started to write this kind of monthly summaries, and they did help in keeping track of everything and show what’s going on behind the finished blocks I normally share here.

That being said, this month has been really busy. I took a two-day course at Cotton&Color, started three new sew-alongs and tried to keep up with the ones currently running.

For the already running projects:

The Splendid Sampler™ is entering the final stage, with only 4 blocks left to be released. I have committed myself to finish it in time, that’s it, no blocks left to sew when the n.100 is released. However, I’m a little behind, with block n. 90 waiting. I now have a huge problem with how much fabric I’ve left, and the selection process isn’t easy at all. That’s the main reason block 90 is on hold; it requires big pieces and I don’t want to compromise prints that can be in handy for small piecing.

– The 2016 BoM by Cotton&Color. I was planing to start to quilt it this month. I just didn’t have time, and I’m still considering if it needs some more borders or an upgrade with appliqué. I hope I will have made an advance in February.

– The “Buttons” pattern by Me and My Sister Designs has almost all the blocks finished and ready to be put together in the final layout. I need to unpick a couple of them and start cutting the sashing fabric. Great progress on that one!

– There wasn’t a new release for the Star-Sampler quilt along by Amanda of 3and3quarters until yesterday, so it’s almost up-to-date.

The Stars-quilt is, as it’s becoming more usual, the neglected project. Little advance on this one since the last stats (November!!):

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 1
8/84 (+6 from the last stats)

For the new projects:

– I started the Flower Festival quilt-along by Leah Day, and this one has taken the big part of my sewing time during this month. Piecing the block wasn’t a big deal, but quilting it… another story! I made a couple of mock sandwiches to practice, and I’m really slow at quilting. In fact, it still isn’t finished. I plan a couple of blog posts about this one, so many new things learnt!

The first pattern for the project of the month by Cotton&Color is waiting on my ironing table. I have the fabric already selected, and I’m planing some hand-quilting on it.

The Quilt Block Cookbook sew-along by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock is running and I was able to find time to piece the first two blocks, which I just love! I’m having lots of fun playing with fabric selection! However, I haven’t been unable to spend time on working on blocks 3 and 4. I ‘ll try to catch up as soon as The Splendid Sampler blocks are finished.

– The course I took was about Laura Heine‘s collage quilts. Lots of fun! I did finish my top and now I’m searching for the thread to quilt it (trying new things on this one!). I really hope to have it finished in February! At Cotton&Colour blog there’s a post about the course, with a little story about my quilt (the English version is just after the German text).


And for the knitting, my top has seen lots of progress, and I’m moving the deadline for it from end-March to end-February.

Now that I have put all of that in writing, it confirms the feeling that I had since planning this year’s sewing: I need to start finishing things. I hope that with the end of The Splendid Sampler and having done all the warm-ups for the Festival Flower QAL I will start seeing things coming to an end! It’s not a bad feeling – I’m really happy of all the sewing I’ve done so far this month-, it’s just that I prefer to keep my focus on fewer projects rather that having so many running along!

Ongoing projects: November update


November has been a busy month, and I haven’t get done all that I had hoped to, mostly because I have begun new projects that weren’t on the original to-do list for this month.

– The Stars-quilt is progressing really slowly. I need to spend more time on this one if I want to have the top ready to be quilted for September next year.

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 12/84 (+5 from the last stats)

– My second knitting project, a top, is advancing at a particular pace: one step ahead, two behind. I’m working on the neck, and I think it’s the third time I’m knitting the same rows… (so much fun to be a beginner!).


– I jumped in a sew along hosted at We All Sew, the Sugarplum table runner by Faith Jones (Fresh Lemons Quilts). I had been thinking about a new table runner for the Christmas season and I absolutely loved that one! Not that I hadn’t enough projects on my table… For this one, I’m using mostly fabric I already had, which feels just fantastic. At the moment I have to finish the second set of blocks and put the top together. And quilt it….

– The Buttons quilt from the Buttons and Thread pattern by Me and My Sister Designs has seen some progress. It looks like the only thing I needed to do was to have it near my sewing machine. I had it cut and ready to go as a leaders-and-enders project, but hadn’t work on it… until I moved the box from the shelves to the table. So happy about that!

– Christmas sewing: now I need to hurry on these if I want them delivered this year.

The Splendid Sampler is up-to-date (not the blogging part of it, though), as well as the Star-sampler by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters. Fortunately, this one has a relaxed release schedule, so I can easily keep up. And the BoM by Cotton&Color is coming to and end, and it looks like the assembling won’t be a piece of cake…

Ongoing projects: October


It seems impossible that Christmas is only two months away… It may seem a lot of time, but it’s not when you’re planning sewing-gifts! October has flown by, and there has been some progress on some projects, an absolut halt in others. The Splendid Sampler™, the Cotton&Color BoM and the Star-sampler sew along are the main priorities right now, and my knitting projects have taken over my hand-sewing time.

Even though, I managed to do some progress on the Stars-quilt. Sewing the background pieces to the stars is slower than just putting the stars together:

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed:
7/84 (+7 from the last stats)

The Frivol n.10 quilt, featuring the Cookie Exchange collection by Sweetwater, for Moda Fabrics is finished and on a little retreat. Meanwhile I get it back and photographed, you can read about it and my adventures sewing it in a short Q&A at Cotton&Color’s blog.


I finished my first knitting project, a scarf! I still have to block it, but I’m considering it finished -post and photos to come…-. And my second project is making good progress in a consistent pace. It’s a top I hope I will be wearing next spring…

The Wild Jelly Roll n. 3 pattern by Me and My Sister Designs is the neglected project of the month. Absolutely no progress on this one. And I don’t foresee any progress in the next few weeks…

Christmas sewing: I have a list of small projects to sew for Christmas… let’s see how many of them I can finish on time (no pressure there…)

The Splendid Sampler is (almost) up-to-date… I’m currently working on block 74, and block 75 is an embroidery one that will require some time.

1st blog Anniversary!

It seems impossible to me, but today this blog turns one year! Impossible that I have been able to write more or less consistently, impossible regarding how many things, and people, I have got to know and into how many projects I have jumped in in just one year. Because it’s fair to say that blogging helps me (a lot) to keep a consistent working pace, motivates me to engage in new projects, and, above all, blogging is enabling me to be in touch with an amazing community of quilters.


But also today my Stars-quilt project turns one year. Surely time flies by! I know, and knew back then, that this project is a long-term one. I’m pretty happy, taking into account the amount of projects I’m working on, that I’ve been able to reach this year milestone finishing basting all the templates, and having the stars sewn together. I hope in a year I would be already quilting it!

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 504/504
Stars completed: 0 (now let’s work to modify this one!)

I have also used this anniversary to update the “About” page… one year ago I wasn’t even dreaming of learning to knit! This blog is, and will be, mostly about patchwork, but something I’ve been growingly aware of is how much I love needle-work, from patchwork to knitting, including embroidery, sewing home-décor items, and, why not, a garment from time to time. What hasn’t changed is that there’s always some mug or cup lying right next to my sewing space!

On-going projects: September


After a (short) break for holidays, it’s time to resume sewing! At the moment there are some few things running along with The Splendid Sampler™, and I thought of writing kind of a monthly update for them. Specially since noticing that the last update from the Stars-quilt was from June… Truth is it had become to a halt until I picked it in the middle of August, and I hope updating its statistics will help to maintain some regular work on it. 

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 431/504 (+186 from the last stats)
Stars completed: 0

The Wild Jelly Roll n. 3 pattern by Me and My Sister Designs has all the blocks pieced and ready to be put together. Now its time to do some more cutting and find a suitable layout before start sewing again.

– In July I started to work on the Frivol n.10, featuring the Cookie Exchange collection by Sweetwater, for Moda Fabrics. And at the moment all that’s left is to attach the binding. I hope to have it finished soon and give it a proper post.

– I’m working in two knitting projects, learning on the go after I felt rather comfortable with my first attempt… the yarn is for a top, which I hope I will have finished by next Spring.


Besides all of them, I have 3 Splendid Sampler blocks to make… I will begin with the latest and squeeze the other two in between the new ones. And, of course, this month’s block from the Cotton&Color BoM… surely, if I don’t sew it won’t be because I’m short of projects!

What I’m working on…. and Stars-quilt stats

There’s a lot going behind the scenes these days. I’ve though I will post about it so I don’t feel I’m not accomplishing anything just because there’s no specific finish to share. And because this is also part of the journey, and I like to see how things have progressed when I look back to previous post. That being said, let’s go:


– I finally found the time to work on the Jelly Roll quilt from the class with Me and My Sister Designs. I unpicked the part that was already put together (and that didn’t match), and now the first quarter of the quilt is finished, with all the seams matching as they were supposed to do. And I finished to add the triangle-corners to all the basic pieces… this is how they look like, ready to be trimmed and pressed. Chain-piecing is just wonderful.

– I worked also on the pattern “Buttons & Thread”, from the same class. To this moment it’s all already cut for the “Buttons” pattern, and ready to be used as a leader-and-ender project.


– I also finished the second pair of the “Makin’it Cute” mitten templates. And I have already decided to convert these two into a bunting, or just make a bunting from scratch and keep these for the Christmas tree… Well, I’ve decided I’m going to make a bunting. I need to buy some fabric, though.

– I’ve finished one project that was due this June! On time! I’ll share it once it’s given to its recipient.


– Some more work on the Stars-quilt. The updated statistics are:

Stars basted: 84/84 (504/504 templates)
Stars sewn: 84 /84
Background pieces basted: 245/504 (+59 from the last stats)
Stars completed: 0

– And last but not least, for The Splendid Sampler™ : block n.31 is one of those that need to run on the slow lane, just to get the most of it (my embroidery skills are growing at an incredible pace with this sampler!). So moving to the next blocks meanwhile.

I’m glad to see some progress on the “long run” projects. It helps keeping motivation high!