Christmas gifts for a knitter


This past Christmas’ sewing involved a special gift for a friend who, among other crafty things, is a passionate knitter. And when this sheep fabric appeared on the quilt-shop, I knew I had to do something with it.

So, I planed to sew something useful! The “2 Fat Quarter Bucket!”, by Me and My Sister Designs, has become a favorite when it comes to sewing useful things. Fast, easy and versatile. And it showcases the fabric, which is also important! (other buckets are here and here).

And to pair it with something else, I had had my focus on this open-wide pouch by Anna Graham (Noodlehead) for a long time, and I thought it could be of use for a knitter. The yarn-balls fabric from Cotton+Steel is just the perfect lining, isn’t it?


This one took some thought, however. Zippers and I aren’t good friends, and my first interfacing choice didn’t work quite well.

Now they have been delivered and I hope being enjoyed by their new owner!


Project: Bucket
Size: 6″W x 4 1/2″L x 7″H / 15 x 11.5 x 18 cm
Date: December 2016
Pattern: 2 Fat Quarter Bucket!, Me and My Sister Designs
Exterior fabric: Wool Ewe Be Mine, Maria Kalinowsky for Kanvas Studio, Bernatex
Lining fabric: Reel Time, Zen Chic, Moda Fabrics
Batting: Thermolam TP971 (100% polyester), Legacy


Project: Open-wide zippered pouch
Size: Medium (9″ tall x 12″ wide)
Date: December 2016
Pattern: Open-wide zippered pouch, Anna Graham (Noodlehead)
Exterior fabric: Wool Ewe Be Mine, Maria Kalinowsky for Kanvas Studio, Bernatex
Denim fabric, unknown manufacturer
Lining fabric: Cat Lady, Sarah Watts, Cotton+Steel
Batting: Heavy interfacing, unknown manufacturer


A new pincushion


I had wanted a new pincushion for a while, and I knew it had to be the carry-all pincushion by Noodlehead since the moment I got her book “Handmade style”. I had some trouble deciding on the fabric, but once my mind was set, it came together pretty quickly: in just two afternoons! The fabric used has a little history behind it (that’s why I used it after all):

– the print fabric: if not the first, one of the first fabrics I -ever- purchased. I just fell in love with it. I used it in a purse (one of my first sewing projects) and I have stored the remaining piece like a treasure trying to find something to use it on. I really wanted this fabric to be the focal point of the pincushion. And then comes…

– the light denim. It comes from a pair of jeans I wore a lot. I really loved them, but I reached a point where I couldn’t wear them anymore… so I stored them with my fabrics. I love the idea of re-using a garment I’d really enjoyed in something I foresee I would enjoy a lot too. This was the fabric I doubted, because it’s thicker than the quilting cottons the pattern calls for and I was not sure if I could sew it properly. It caused some trouble (it stretches a lot!), but with patience and not forcing things everything turned OK – and yes, with some help from the seam ripper, too-.

– the dark denim. Funny history… I attended a course on how to attach zippers into garments, so they had a professional look. The teacher brought denim to work with, and at the end of the course, she was about to throw away what hadn’t been used… and yes, my fabric hoarder side couldn’t allow it! She happily gave me the scraps, somewhat amused that someone could really make anything of profit out of them. In fact, very little has left over from this project (but I have saved those scraps, of course!).


The ribbon for the scissors strap was purchased in a recent visit to the UK, with this pattern already in mind… I think it’s just perfect! So a little reminder of one of my travels into this, too.

For the filling, I used a sachet filled with plastic grains, some polyfill and scraps of fabric from trimming blocks I kept in a tin. They work perfect for stuffing!


Project: Carry-all pincushion
Size: 3″ x 3 1/4 x 8>″/ 8 x 8 x 21 cm
Date: February 2016
Pattern: Carry-all pincushion, Anna Graham, from the book “Handmade style”
Exterior fabric: unknown collections and producers
Ribbon for strap: Premium Trim Collection, Groves
Batting: Polyester foam interfacing, unknown producer
               Woven fusible interfacing, unknown producer
Filling: plastic grains, polyfill, scraps of fabric

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