The Splendid Sampler™: Block 33


The 33th block of The Splendid Sampleris called “Selvage Saver” by Pat Sloan. I love this block! I usually keep the selvages of my fabric, although I haven’t used them yet in a specific project. Including the selvages in the quilt feels like a little tribute: my quilt is defined by my fabric choices, and this is what distinguishes it from the rest of samplers being sewn. So, I think it’s fair enough to include the name of the fabric in a rather visible way.

I had already pieced this block and taken the photos and written the blog post when I realised I had made a mistake. I thought I didn’t have selvages from the “Pie Making Day” fabric, so I couldn’t include a specific name for the coloured part of my quilt. I did include one of prints, but I didn’t want it to be the focal point of the block, so I chose one of the greys with a little touch of colour (but not enough to be a distraction). And then, I remembered I had put aside three prints that I’m not going to use in the sampler, and, of course, when checking, one of them had printed selvages! So I decided to unpick the block and re-do the last part just to include this one.

I’m glad I remember in time I had this fabric pulled aside. Now both collections are fully represented.

This was a really fun block to put together. The block’s info and link party are here.


New project: The Splendid Sampler™ -fabric selection-


I mentioned some days ago I was considering joining a 2-block per week – one year long QAL: The Splendid Sampler™. For me it’s a huge project to undertake. For starters, I didn’t have enough fabric to tackle it (well, perhaps, but not enough variety to choose from). I didn’t, until few days ago two new fat-eight bundles joined my little stash!

I already had the fat-quarter bundle from “Pie Making Day”, by Brenda Ratliff, for RJR Fabrics. It wasn’t enough for the sampler fabrics requirements, and after some thought, I decided for two collections I’ve been longing for: Modern Background – Ink and Modern Background – Paper, by Zen Chic, for Moda Fabrics.

So my plan is to use these two as my main fabrics (they cover the dark-medium-light range), with the coloured fabrics as a contrast points in the blocks. Mainly, a black and white quilt with pops of colour!

This is for me a total new adventure: it’s going to be the biggest quilt I’ve planned to do (Stars-quilt besides, whose final dimensions are yet unknown), with techniques I do not like, master or know at all. I’m committed to do the 100 blocks, we shall see in a year how this turns out!

For the moment, and also something I don’t usually do, all the fabrics have been pre-washed and waiting for starch and pressing. With so many different techniques involved, and those plum and black prints to be paired with white fabrics, I decided to play safe against bleeding.