Star Sampler Quilt (12): “Aunt Eliza’s Star”

The 12th block for the Star-Sampler quilt-along was a pretty easy one, comparing to other blocks on this sampler. It was really quick to piece, and regarding the fabric choices, I was limited by a self-imposed criteria of using each print at least twice. And these two had been featured on one star only.

Despite having the choice already made, I think these two fabric provide a nice contrast for this pattern. My only concern is with the green vs. the background fabric, but I hope they will work better once the quilt top is pieced.

Speaking of which, this is how all 12 stars look together. This was the last block, and although I have a plan of my own for the top, I’ll wait to see what Amanda has in store before going ahead.

(This sew-along is organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters).


Star Sampler Quilt (11): “Square & Star”

The Star-Sampler quilt-along (organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters) is coming to an end, as it has only one block left. Before that happens, the 11th block was a quick one, and it seems that pressing all seams open is paying off, although sometimes I miss those nesting seams when pinning everything in place.

Looking forward to the last one, with no release date scheduled yet, which is perfectly fine now that I have all the sashing fabric to start working on The Splendid Sampler™ again.

Star Sampler Quilt (9): “Missouri Star”

Another cute addition to the Star-Sampler quilt-along (organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters). I can’t recall sewing a Missouri Star before, and I had lots of fun playing with the fabrics for this one. I wasn’t really sure about that combination until the star was all put together!!

The only thing I deviated from Amanda’s tutorial is that I pressed seams open. It looks like it’s helping me in accuracy, much to my seam ripper’s dismay.

(And this week it has been impossible to get good light for photo shooting… sigh).

Star Sampler Quilt (8): “Crystal Star”


This simple star is block n.8 for the Star-Sampler quilt-along (organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters). I had to sew a second version of the pattern as the first fabric choice didn’t work quite well when put together. I’m still having trouble getting the flying-geese units to the correct size (and I can’t understand why I can get them to work in tiny piecing and not in the bigger versions!).

After auditing all the stars so far, I’m starting to change the colour combinations: the first ones were green-orange and blue-pink combos (with the violet exceptions), so I need to step out of that colour scheme and start using orange-blue and pink-green pairings. Perhaps, even throw in some green-blue ones, if there’s a pattern that allows for that.

Star Sampler Quilt (6): “Amish Star”


This is the sixth block for the Star-Sampler quilt-along organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters. The main challenge for this one was the fabric selection, as it demands (following Amanda’s interpretation of the block) 4 fabrics plus the background. Still I’m not sure if it would have been better to go with a solid for the star itself…

This was a complex one to piece, with lots of seams and points to take care of, and, of course, the invaluable help of the seam-ripper.

Star Sampler Quilt (5): “Maple Star”


This is the fifth block for the Star-Sampler quilt-along organised and hosted by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters. It’s pretty close to the previous one… but what a difference make those squares! Not a difficult block, but a thought on flying-geese units: if they aren’t squared and with the right dimensions (let’s say, an 1/8″ off), do not hope to amend it along the way while piecing the block together. That doesn’t work. So yes, I needed to re-do some of my flying-geese units and  to spend some time with the seam-ripper.

Looking forward the next one…

Star Sampler Quilt (3): “Kansas Star”


Well, this one was difficult! I hope that the habit of sewing a second version of the same block ends with this one… The third star of the Star Sampler quilt-along (by Amanda Rolfe at 3and3quarters) called for snow-ball cornered units, and honestly, I’m finding myself unable to master them. I tried several methods and there was no way I had a unit that would measure what it was supposed to, and the resulting block was a ½” short, and totally unsquared.

So, I changed gears and built this one from square-in-square units. It took some maths and trial-and-error test blocks to get the measurements, but what a difference! A squared, 12 ½” block with the points where they are supposed to be! (and yes, with the help of the seam-ripper along the way…).

I love those X on the green background… It looks like a field of little stars!